Akhoury Residence

At the Akhoury residence, a spacious apartment in Worli, Mumbai, the idea was to approach luxury through intricate furniture and fixture design. The centrepiece of the house is a transforming cabinetry unit in teakwood. It combines two functions of a bookshelf and a bar and is designed to convert from one to another through many stages of hinging and folding. There are two smaller mobile ‘satellite’ units on wheels that can be transported around the house and finally parked back into the bigger unit. The entire house is embellished with small customized fixtures such as turned plywood door knobs, handles and pegs.

Project Type:

Residential Interior


Neeraj Akhoury & Seema Akhoury


Worli, Mumbai

Total Area:

200 sq. m.

Design Team:

Sagarika Suri, Varun Mehta

Years of Completion: